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Doula + Birth Photographer = The Ultimate Package

Do You Offer Birth Photography?

I often get asked if I photograph the births that I support as a doula. The answer is yes and no. I absolutely do take photos on my DSLR, capturing your birth story visually and all images are provided to you on a USB (unedited and at no extra cost) but my main focus during birth is YOU. Your body, mind and soul.

I am so focused on holding space for your best birth to unfold that there may be moments where I am pinned between you and your midwife, an almighty bear-grip with one hand and peppermint essential oil in the other. In this instance, I am quiet as a mouse, steadfast in my grip and will not disrupt your rhythm to reach for my camera. My commitment is to you as a Doula.

This is where a dedicated birth photographer comes in. Someone who captures your innate power, the love and admiration from your partner, the strength in every inch of your body bringing your baby earth side, the moment you become ‘mother’. Emotive images outlining your birth story, moment by moment. Sounds incredible, right?

Which Birth Photographer Do You Recommend?

Meet Kendyl Christian, the creative genius behind Echo Life Photography based in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney. I have been fortunate enough to call Kendyl a dear friend for over a decade. We have held space for each other through our parenting journeys and the messy chaos that we call life. I would not recommend anyone else to capture your birth, newborn and family moments.

Kendyl has photographed my family a number of times. She also photographed the birth of my daughter whose images you see throughout my website. Kendyl’s gentle personality meant that I barely noticed her in the room, which was such an important factor in welcoming her into my sacred birth space. Her ability to capture profoundly emotive images with ease is truly a gift. I only ever recommend someone I would hire myself.

How Can I combine Doula Support And Birth Photography?

The good news is that Kendyl and I have decided to join forces in offering ‘The Ultimate Birth Package’. What is unique about booking us as a team is that we come to you with deep respect for each other’s role so that you remain at the centre of our focus. We are women supporting women. Familiarity and positive energy within a birth team is hugely beneficial to your birth experience. There will be no awkward introductions or shuffling about the space trying to establish our individual roles. We know our strengths and we highly value your positive birth experience as our utmost priority.

So if you are looking for the ultimate birth experience, one where you are informed, held, loved, supported, respected AND all those emotions are captured through incredible imagery then look no further than our new collaboration: Lisa Stephenson Doula + Echo Life Photography.

What Does The Package Include?


  • 2 prenatal appointment with Lisa (1.5 – 2hrs)

  • Phone, email and SMS support

  • On call from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby

  • Attendance during your labour/birth

  • 1 postnatal visit (1.5-2hrs) (Further support can be booked by adding the postnatal support package)

  • 6 week postnatal virtual check-in


  • 1 in-person catch up with Kendyl at around 36 weeks

  • On call (24/7) from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby

  • Attendance at your birth from active labour through to approximately 2 hours post birth to capture your full birth story (extended hours at additional cost)

  • 3-5 digital sneak peak images within 24 hours of the birth

  • Between 100-300 professionally edited, digital high-resolution images provided in a personalised digital gallery

What Is The Investment?

It is interesting that as a society we value the coming together of two people in marriage by splurging an average of $36,000 for a wedding! Wouldn't it be amazing to see us value the incredible moment of bringing forth life with birth support and imagery in much the same way? Luckily for you, the ultimate birth package won’t cost you anywhere near that amount of money.

Your total investment for the Ultimate Birth Package is $2,999

Save over $700 by booking your Doula and Photographer together

Contact Lisa today to book your obligation free chat about this unique offering  0432 040 966

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